Tunisia Holidays

There has always been some mystery around the countries in North Africa which thousands of European tourists try to solve by spending their holidays there. Tunisia is among these attractions both as a summer place and as a cultural and spiritual destination.

There are different types of Tunisia holidays that Europeans book every year. Some want to get familiar with the culture and do sightseeing in many parts of the country; others are only interested in the country’s dry summers which offer the best one can get from the sun and the sea that water its north and east borders.

You can have a look at the beauty of this location on the web and start planning your Tunisia holiday right now. Tourists fly there at different times of the year to enjoy the mild climate or the hot sunshine of the summer months.

If you look at the map, you will find that this spectacular holiday destination is closer than one might think. Thanks to its well-deserved popularity gained throughout the years, the country provides a good number of flights to the main cities of Europe and great services to all categories of tourists.

The are a huge range of price points available for your holiday in Tunisia so you can make your holiday as cheap or as expensive as you wish. If you are looking for luxury, there are many different ritzy hotels in several popular resorts where you can spend lavishly and pamper your family to your heart’s desire. Alternatively, holidays are available for as little as £99 per person making it a great value location.

Djerba, Tunisia

DjerbaDjerba, also known as Jerba, a small island just off the south shore of Tunisia is considered, by those in the know, to be one of the best holiday resorts the country has to offer. In fact, we are surprised it has taken so long to receive this level of recognition since hundreds of years ago it was described by the poet Homer as “the island of 10,000 palms”. With it’s gorgeous landscape and stunning scenery we are in complete agreement with Homer!

Djerba – Tunisia’s secret gem

Today the beautiful ivory white beaches stretching across the edge of the Mediterranean Sea are what give the resort its appeal. The best of these beaches are found in the Zone Touristique on the Northeast coast and this where the majority of the tourists head. Here you will find great hotels, restaurants and an abundance of water sports.

Gammarth, Tunisia

With 12 miles of absolutely perfect beach, Gammarth in Tunisia is a stunning place to visit. And being just 11 miles from the capital of Tunis, and close to the traditional cobbled village of Sidi Bou Said, makes it an ideal location for you to explore and visit the surrounding areas. Visit the old Roman amphitheatre and the World heritage site of Carthage if you’re interested in history and soak up the medieval atmosphere that still lingers in these beautiful old sites.

With its modern, upmarket hotels Gammarath is an ideal family spot for your Tunisia holidays and there are a whole host of activities you can do while you are there. It is the perfect spot for water sports like sailing, scuba diving, jet skis and much more. While a trip to the capital of Tunis is a must and it’s only 20 minutes away by train.

Just like the famous French Riviera, the Carthage coast is a beautiful stretch of long, white untouched sand. With the sea safe for swimming and beautiful beaches you can relax on, there’s something for all the family. While when you’re ready to eat there is a large range of cafés and bars, the fish restaurants are hugely popular with everyone and are highly recommended – you’ll certainly want to go back for more after you have tried them.

Gammarth Nightlife and Entertainment

As you find in a lot of Tunisian resorts, most of the night life and discos in Gammarth are centred in the hotels and around the beaches. For those wanting to explore slightly further afield you can go to La Marsa which is approximately 10 kms away from Gammarth and has it’s own set of nightclubs and discos.

If you would like your entertainment to be slightly slower paced, a great alternative is to visit the cafes in Sidi Bou Said where you can watch the crowds go by while sipping on a mint tea and smoking a narguileh (waterpipe).

Things to do in Gammarth and the surrounding areas

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to things to see and do around Gammarth. The following are just some of the ways we suggest you pass your time.

Shopping in Gammarth

As it is so near to Tunis you can get a whole range of shopping experiences, be it modern shopping in branded stores or bartering in a typical Tunisian souk. As previously mentioned, Tunis is only a 20 minute train ride from the Gammarth, and the trains are very frequent, so you’ll be able to spend a good portion of the day shopping and looking around the capital city without having to worry about how you are going to get back to your hotel.

Sid Bou Said

The lovely blue and white village of Sidi Bou Said is popular with writers, artists and tourists with good reason. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Tunis, it has a rather mystical feel about it as you walk around the old fashioned cobbled streets and look at the quaint houses and the courtyards.

The town itself has one main street which is lined with traders selling all sorts of Tunisian arts and crafts. While the climb to the top of the hill will reward you with spectacular views of the Gulf of Tunis and the marina of Sidi Bou Said while you sip your mint tea in one of the many cafes.

A daytrip to Tunis

Tunis is a mix of the new and the old, with the New Town’s wide avanues offering an amazing contrast with the World Heritage Old Town, known as the Medina, and its collection of tunnels and alleyways that you can lose yourself in for hours. The Medina is in great condition with many of its gates and open air markets continuing in existence to this day.

For those keen on the history of the area, no trip to Tunis would be complete without a look around the Bardo museum, the best in Tunisia. The collection of Roman mosaics it houses it considered to be amongst the best in the world.


Since Roman times, visitors to Tunisia have indulged in Thalassotherapy, which is a combination of mud, seaweed and warm mineral water to treat any kind of malady. Though, many tourists these days go out of curiosity and for a chance to relax and de stress whilst they are on holiday.

Khoumirie Mountains

For those who want somewhere a little cooler away from the heat of the towns, the Khoumirie Mountains offer beautiful views of the towns and a beautiful location surrounded by trees and wildlife – this is where the French used to come to hunt bears and is excellent for hiking and nature walks.

Lake Ichkheul National Park

Finally, the Lake Ichkheul National park is the only national park in Tunisia and has a fantastic mixture of wildlife including Flamingo, water buffalo and boars. In summer it’s certainly worth a visit to see the spectacular rainbow of colour created by the exotic flowers growing all around.

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